OPENS FEB 12th 7-9pm 2016

St. Charles is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Michelle Uckotter entitled DUMBSTRUCK . Once free from the entanglements of language, a subject is rendered dumb. This withholding semantics is really about being ready to strike out visually, spatially, and materially.

Puns and pathos encircle a more serious question, “what is there to say?”. The dilemma is made into marker-soaked banners, flags, and tapestries.  A grommet fetish anthropomorphizes the work, conflating canvas with skin, punctures, and rings.

Michael’s work is addressing cumulative delays in psychological equilibrium. The bag  drawings, in their sameness and the presence of limited variables, imply a routine mode of production. They are relics, and performance leftovers, which line the back gallery room as mosaic trim.

Dumbstruck deploys a logic that at first glance appears to be on the verge of the irrational but with further inspection is in perfect step with an inverse beat of the building.

Gallery hours are currently during openings and by appointment.